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Après avoir trouvé un agent en 2007, elle finit par passer sa première audition et décroche un rôle dans le film Barney.Après ça, elle tourne dans quelques publicités et dans le film, The Longshot.Everyone keep your fingers crossed that Lewis and the twins were scheming to reunite with Ashley Tisdale (Maddie) and Brenda Song (London) next.

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Her daddy owns the hotel, she shops until she drops, everyone works for her, and her closet is a dream.Alex has another love interest, her classmate Dean Moriarty, and tries to impress him by using magic to make him think she's smart.In another episode, when Alex's nemesis, Gigi Hollingsworth, finds her diary which she draws in, she finds out about Alex's crush on Dean. BS: They know they can't get away with pranks on me like they used to, because I'm the one that puts them in their place. I was talking to Cole the other day, and he was like, "Can I drive?