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This is a project I did for the Sundance Film Festival.

Really simple idea: you take every Academy Award Best Picture, you speed it up to one minute each and string them all together.

In the third season, viewers will laugh, cry, and gasp in astonishment as they watch Grace and Frankie continue to navigate their lives as single senior citizens.

But there is an art form that's been around for a very long time that's really about using information, abstract information, to make emotionally resonant pieces. We've been making music for tens of thousands of years, right?

Even those dating-show contestants defined by their professional lives—the hot lawyer, the hot doctor, the ambiguously defined ‘entrepreneur’ who’s either deeply in debt or a drug dealer, etc.—always have a faint whiff of unemployment about them.

But perhaps the least conventionally employable of them all is Tiffany “New York” Pollard.

This particular series, The Ex, hinges on two twists: First, that each episode will feature exes competing to find new love from the same pool of eligible bachelors, and second, that all of said bachelors will be gay men.

The Ex isn’t the only gay dating show on TV—there’s also Logo’s Finding Prince Charming, hosted by Lance Bass—but it could be the most melodramatic, as Pollard seems very emotionally invested in these men’s love lives. The Ex’s premiere date and network have yet to be announced.