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All the other girls brought money and were able to purchase their own drinks to go with the popcorn. He feels as though I shouldn’t have offered, since we basically followed their initial instructions.

My daughter did not have any money with her, so her troop leader bought her a drink with a souvenir cup. I emailed the troop leaders and asked how much the souvenir/drink was and offered to reimburse them for it. I know this is a small problem but every time someone purchases something on my kids’ behalf without us asking, I feel obligated to at least offer to reimburse them when I have the funds. These troop leaders volunteer their time to help supervise the girls, and in addition to spending their time, they willingly spend money on all sorts of little (and large) things along the way.

State laws regarding marijuana cultivation seem to be quite convoluted. The parents were asked to either provide a snack for their daughters, or send money for the girls to buy a snack.

With that in mind, I was thrilled when Lydia Wayman, an autistic writer, speaker, and advocate, reached out to me, hoping we could bridge some of the distance between adults on the spectrum and parents to autistic kids.

JP: Why do you think there's a disconnect between parents and autistic adults?

Dear Amy: I was snooping in my son’s basement and discovered he is growing weed. He could lose his job, house, reputation and shared custody of his daughter. Unless he has a sophisticated commercial marijuana ranch down there, you should assume this is for his own use, and leave it alone.

I am a nervous wreck thinking about how to approach him. If you absolutely cannot stand it and must confront him about this, you will have to tell him the truth about your own behavior.