Verizon wireless updating towers

You should also avoid the 10 biggest blunders property owners make when negotiating a Verizon Wireless Cell Tower Lease Agreement.

You have a choice to make when presented with a Verizon lease agreement.

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Ready to update your Straight Talk Verizon Phone but you are unable to receive a download from Straight Talk or the Verizon Updater on the device?

CDMA phones do not require a SIM card and are pre-programmed for your immediate use after activation.

A: If your phone is GSM and accepts a SIM card, you may try to borrow a friends SIM card on another network and insert it into your current phone to see if it will make a phone call.

A: Yes, if you're a current Net10 customer on a GSM Network (AT&T or T-Mobile), you may purchase any phone on our website and simply insert your existing SIM card. contents including the phone, battery, battery door, home charger, OEM box, user manual, SIM card, a Welcome letter with activation instructions and a Micro SD card and headset if the phone comes equipped with one from the OEM.

CDMA phones will include a Free activation code (a .99 value) in order to register and activate your service.